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Paginator website screenshot

paginator - a hugo blog theme for developers

  • javascript
  • website
  • hugo
  • tailwind

A clean, responsive Hugo theme designed for technical content. Keep things simple, so no Google fonts, icon packs, ads or trackers. Just a simple website.

Workspace container architecture

workspace-alpine - a custom cloud native workspace

  • shell
  • linux
  • docker
  • cloud

A GitHub workflow to create a custom workspace image of Alpine Linux. It comes with many tools. Works best when adding my dotfiles via chezmoi for zero config.

Cloud OS Image Architecture

cloud-os - a custom cloud native linux os

  • bash
  • linux
  • docker
  • cloud

A GitHub workflow for creating a custom image of Fedora Silverblue with tweaks to get a machine up in no time. Using rpm packages to install custom config files.

readme-writer output example

readme-writer - a workflow to auto-update the profile page

  • bash
  • cli
  • docker
  • github

A dockerized script to retrieve API data and write user data to your GitHub profile page. Along with a GitHub workflow to automatically update the profile page.

zet terminal showcase screenshot

zet - a terminal centric way to manage notes

  • bash
  • cli
  • vim
  • productivity

A prototype for writing notes from the terminal using vim, git and fzf. The content is organized following the Zettelkasten philosophy of managing personal knowledge.

placeholder image

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  • lorem
  • ipsum
  • dolor

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